Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus. Typical symptoms include cough & fever, in some people, this may cause additional illness or complications. 

As a runner in any sporting event, you must be fully fit and this applies even more in these circumstances. If you have suffered or are suffering from any of the symptoms the advice from the NHS & Public Health England is to stay at home, self-isolate & seek medical advice.
Please do not share bottles or gels on the route, we appreciate the kindness offered in the running community but given current circumstances, it is advised to avoid sharing. 
We appreciate in milder weather wearing long sleeves isn't easy but it is a potential option to mitigate wiping your face with hands.
Whilst we would normally suggest making use of the facilities as much as possible please limit the time spent in groups.
At the end of races, we totally understand you want to shake the hand of who you have battled and or supported but given current circumstances, it is advised to avoid hugs or handshakes.
As a race organiser, we have been and will continue to be in contact with Run Britain for advice. We will also be monitoring other public health announcements to ensure we are following up to date guidance. 
Our key team will be wearing gloves where contact might be required but as you can appreciate we will no longer be handing sweets out on water stations.
Our entry desks have all been sanitised but please limit the time spent at entry desks where possible.


5th April

Race to the Castle 10km 


We are unfortunately living in very uncertain times due to Covid-19 which makes planning an almost impossible task. We have also been in communications with Run Britain and we have followed guidelines to the best of our ability to ensure events can continue and also retain the safety of our runners, race makers and the local population.

The Race to the Castle 10km will now become a Virtual race due to advice regarding social distancing.

These are going to be very testing times for us all and we fully expect further restrictions to be put in place, therefore even if it might be unpopular it is a decision we have felt we need to make now based on the Government advice below.

To complete the Virtual race all you need to do is go and run 10km as you would have done with us. We will send you the bespoke Race to the Castle 10km medal as we have your address details from your entry.

We are also committed to providing key workers such as the NHS with care packages. This will be food & drink which we will deliver to key workers in a number of sectors to thank them for their support during this time. We will be using money take from entries to make these packages. 

1. Whilst we believe the risk of runners, helpers or spectators picking up the virus from another person during the race itself is low and minimal, we cannot control events around the race - for example, groups of runners and spectators using local pubs, cafes, and other outlets.  Given the Government advice, we have to be respectful of our community and not unnecessarily expose it to a potential or increased risk of bringing the Coronavirus into the local community. 

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