This is your chance to sign up for some virtual runs throughout the next few weeks and receive some special blingtastic medals in the process but also help us support our keyworkers.
We have the following medals available:
Fun Run
Half Marathon
Simply register & pay for the distance via the links below. Once registered drop us an email confirming your medal choice.
Medal confirmation email: 
In some cases, we have very limited numbers but if numbers are less than five we will mark it below.  
After you have completed your run, submit your GPS details to the email address below and we will add your performance to the leader board. If you do not want to be added to the leaderboard that is absolutely fine!
Leaderboard email:
Each medal costs only £10 (Fun run £8) to cover the cost of the medal, postage and a bit for admin but more importantly we will be putting together care packages for key workers. We will deliver these packages directly to a number of sectors. 

Will there be leaderboards for each distance

We, of course, want to try and keep the running spirit going and so we will create a leaderboard for each distance. Once you complete your run you can send it directly to an email address we will provide with a screengrab of your GPS for accuracy. However, we totally appreciate every route is going to be different but were doing the best we can given the current circumstances. 


We also accept screenshots of treadmill runs! 


Do i have to be on the leaderboard

Not everyone will want to be on the leaderboard and that is absolutely fine, we get that everyone has a different preference and that is what makes running so uniquely amazing!

will there be prizes

There are always prizes! We will have a prize for fastest man & woman on each leaderboard and then a lucky dip picked from social media posts! Winners will be contacted directly. 


* Please note that if there is a number next to a medal that indicates the remainining number of medals of that type.



FUn RUn 

Witches Fun Run

Ready Teddy Go 

5km runs

315 National Fitness 5km (2)

315 New Year 5km (2)

315 Summer 5km 

Roses 5km

Morecambe 5km (2)

Venus & Cupid 5km

10km runs

Morecambe 10km (stat)

Morecambe 10km (eric) 

Morecambe 10km (boat) 

Pendle Witches 10km

Lancaster Castle 10km

Jail Break 10km

Valentines 10km (square)

Hangman's Noose 

Mother's 10km (square)


Race to the Castle (square)

Valentines (heart)

Jail Break (purple)

Fathers 10km 

Garstang Ice Cream 10km

Bay Gateway 10km

Castle 10km (bomber)

Christmas 10km


Race to the Castle (Y)

Morecambe 10km Circle

Lancaster Castle 10km (yellow)



Race to the Castle (red)

Mothers 10km (shield)


Riverside 10m (waves)

Golden Ball 10m (sq) 

Golden Ball 10m (shield)

Riverside 10m (shield)

Riverside 10m (bridge)

Half Marathon

315 Half Marathon 

Lancaster Half Marathon 

Morecambe Half Marathon

Riverside Half Marathon

Riverside Half (hexa)

Lancaster Half Shield (hills)

315 Half Marathon (sun)


Golden Ball 20m

Trimpell 20m (shield)

Trimpell 20m (square)










Lancaster Marathon


Virtual Rankings
Rankings will be updated every 24 hours
Virtual Rankings.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [651.3 KB]
















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